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Namita Answers your Health Queries

Monday, April 13th, 2009

Q. I am a housewife and follow a fairly healthy diet. I have one-glass of fruit juice every morning. I have been told by a relative to substitute the juice with whole fruits to increase fiber intake. How does fruit consumption ensure a higher intake of fibre?
—– Sonalika singh

A. Yes it is a good idea to consume fruits instead of the juice. Eating whole fruit will ensure a higher consumption of fibre. When you consume fruit juice - the removal of the peel, seeds or hulls reduces the fibre content. For example; The peel contains 75-percent of dietary fibre in an apple; tomatoes with seeds have more fibre than de-seeded ones.

It is important to make sure the fruits and vegetables are washed properly if you decide to eat the peel.

Also, make sure you drink adequate wat.... Click to Read More