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The Mathematics of Calorie Control

Friday, June 26th, 2009

All diet books and food plans consist of lists of rules for weight control in addition to regulations concerning “foods to consume” and “foods to avoid”. What, then, is the secret of success? The answer is simple. Reduction in intake of calories contributes to reduction in weight. If you look at all diets and weight loss plans minutely, the underlying common factor is the aspect of calorie control.

How many calories to consume?
Calorie needs are very individual; they depend on your weight, age, sex, activity level, metabolic rate and lifestyle habits. On an average, women require around 2000 calories a day, and men 2500 a day.

What about athletes?
An athlete would need more calories. Depending on the sport and goals, he would need to workout his calorie expenditure and a.... Click to Read More